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Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that your web browser saves on your hard drive when you browse websites. Cookies make it easier and faster to work with our website by remembering your preferences (e.g. language selection). Cookies also allow you to make better use of our website and tailor its content to your interests and needs. Some cookies may be posted on our website by third parties. Some cookies may also collect analytical or marketing information.



The cookies we use can be divided into two (2) types in terms of their duration:
short-term (so-called session cookies), which remain in your browser only until you close the browser; a
long-term (so-called persistent cookies), which remain stored even after you close the browser.

The storage time of cookies can also be adjusted according to your own requirements, as it depends on the settings of the cookie itself and your browser.

The cookies we use can also be divided into:
• those that are essential for the functioning of the website (essential), and this group can include, for example, cookies that help the website to load correctly and quickly; and
• those that are non-essential, e.g. those called analytical, marketing, or functional cookies. These cookies, for example, track the activity of the visitor on the site, collect data for appropriate personalization of ads, etc. We need your consent to use them.

In this Document, you can find specific details about the cookies we use on this website.


After granting consent/disagreement with the storage of cookies, you can make changes at any time on the cookies banner. Here you can easily adjust the storage/non-storage of cookies by clicking on the "(-) (off) / (✓) (on)" bar. The change must then be saved by pressing the "Save" button. After making the change, we recommend reloading/refreshing the page.

You can also change the cookie settings directly via your internet browser. As there are a number of browsers available on the market, we cannot objectively provide you with relevant information about setting up changes in each of them. The following links provide procedures for changing settings in the most-used browsers:

At the same time, we would like to inform you about the possibility of completely disabling tracking through Google Analytics cookies. More information and procedure can be found on this page.


You can find more information about the processing of your personal data here. 



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