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We advise our clients on the legal aspects of banking and financial activities and products and on capital markets.

Having worked in internal structures of banks, our team members understand the internal banking procedures, have extensive experience in the regulation of banking transactions, National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) and Czech National Bank (CNB) laws and related regulations and directives. They advised European banks on their activities in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. They were involved in the preparation of comprehensive sample documentation of banking products when foreign banks entered the financial markets in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.
Our consultancy mainly includes Treasury and Custody services and we specialize in the area of financial derivatives and capital markets.

Financial and banking consultancy includes in particular:

  • Loan agreements based on the LMA standard

  • Syndicated loans

  • Acquisition financing

  • Cash pooling

  • Retail banking

  • Mortgage and consumer loans

  • EU passporting of financial institutions

  • Custody contracts

  • Securities contracts

  • Publicly traded securities

  • Bond programs

  • Derivatives trading

  • ISDA agreements



M +421 948 701 802
T +421 2 2092 1210
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